Product development projects

Many years of experience enable us to work on tailor made product development projects that constantly incite our work passion. This is how we created the Enamelie and Fajn and gave our creativity a very special boost.

In last six years we managed to develop and launch  series of cookware lines for different brands and non-food mass market products like: candles, washing powder,  cleaning mops, ...

We cooperate exclusively with BSC and ISO certified production capacities  in Europe, China and Indonesia.

All our products are controlled and tested , before shipping  to assure  that they all meet all safety standards required in specific countries.

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  • Luna for Kids
  • Enameled cookware
    Enamelie Zoja line
  • Enamelie Cherry line
  • Enameled cookware
    Enamelie Freja line
  • Enameled cookware for cooking and storing
    Enamelie Rubino line
  • Enameled cookware
    Enamelie Love Bird
  • Enameled cookware
    Enamelie Espresso line
  • Enameled cookware
    Enamelie Onyx line
  • Enameled water kettle
    Enamelie - Pink line
  • Enameled cookware
    Enamelie Pink line
  • Enameled cookware
    Enamelie Pale Purple line
  • Enameled cookware
    Enamelie Purple
  • Enameled cookware - glitter color , glass lids
    Enamelie Calcite line
  • Enameled cookware - glitter color with lid
    Enamelie Arma line
  • Enameled cookware
    Enamelie Turquise line
  • Enameled cookware with glass lid
    Enamelie Sapphire line
  • Enameled cookware
    Enamelie - Black
  • Inox,  for right&left handed people
    Fajn Coffe pot
  • Die cast aluminium, ILAG ultimate coating, Bakelite soft touch handles with wooden effect
    Enamelie Selene line
  • Die cast aluminum, glass lids with silicone rim, soft touch handles
    Enamelie Metiss line
  • Fajn Deep frypan

Wholesale and distribution

We maintain an excellent pace in wholesale and distribution of kitchenware's, small household appliances and white goods.  Years of experience and presence on the market gave us an "home field" advantage.  We know all about market specific needs ( yes, our area IS specific), demands and habits.

We can offer you comprehensive logistic services inclusive labeling, translation service, cross-docking and commissioning.

Very successful cooperation and stable relationships are established with giants such as:  Bosch, Delonghi Group, Electrolux, Amica, Climadiff, Brandt, Home Impex and many more...

Ariessa is a synonym for a good fit to our partners needs in markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and China.

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Customer loyalty programs

Are amazing tools for creating deep and meaningful connection with you customers.

Our team will guide you to build your tailor made customer loyalty program from very beginning, which means we will start our cooperation with program outline and finished it with reward layout.

After the process you will be able to understand the data generated through your CLP and how to use it in your marketing and promotional activities.